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What Is Permanent Jewellery?

Simply put, permanent jewellery is custom-fitted jewellery that you can't take off. Measured to your desire, it is welded close without a clasp :)

What Materials Are Used?

We use 14K gold-fill and sterling silver. They are 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic.

What is 14K Gold-Filled?

14K gold-filled is composed of a solid layer of 14K gold mechanically bonded to a base metal. We chose this material to make our products more affordable whilst maintaining the integrity and shine of solid gold. It won't rust and is slightly more durable.

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 sterling silver is a precious metal that consists of 92.5% silver. Majority of silver products around the world is 925 sterling silver, as pure silver is too soft and malleable. 925 sterling silver is durable and won't rust.

Will It Hurt?

Not at all! A bright spark/flash occurs during the welding process but we've taken measures to ensure your safety, it's just a little thrill!

Can It Be Removed?

To remove your permanent jewellery, we recommend using a pair of sharp scissors/pliers to cut the jump ring (the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain).

Can I Get My Jewellery Re-Welded?

In the incident where your jewellery is removed, do keep the chain stored safely. We provide a 30-day grace period where re-welding is free, otherwise, it will be a small fee of $15, deep-clean included. (shoot us a DM on IG for re-welding services).

Can I Bring My Own Charm?

Yes, for a small installation fee of $15 per charm.

However, not all charms are applicable, do bring it down for us to check. Chains however are not allowed for quality measures.

Do You Guys Have Clapsed Versions Of Your Jewellery?

We strongly recommend sharing the zap zap experience with your loved ones. However, if one is unable to have permanent jewellery due to occupational or personal reasons, we provide clasps versions free of charge :)

Do You Provide Cleaning Services?

We provide all our clients with polishing cloths for easy removal of dirt and tarnish. We also do provide deep cleaning services for a small fee of $15.

Will I Have Issues At The Airport?

Nope! We've had no issues travelling with our permanent pieces. Delicate jewellery isn't required to be removed going through airport security.

Will I Have Issues At The Hospital?

Most likely, if you're getting a procedure like MRI scan, X-ray or operation. Do consult your doctor! Don't worry, we provide re-welding services :)

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? 

Currently we accept: PayNow, PayLah, GrabPay, Bank Transfer and Cash.

Can I Reschedule My Appointment?

Yes you can 12 hours in advance. Just click the "reschedule" button in the confirmation email you received from making your booking.

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

If you decide you're not ready to commit to a permanent jewellery piece, all cancellations are to be made 12 hours in advance.

Any Other Questions?

Feel free to drop us a DM on IG or send us an email for any other enquiries :)

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